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Services and Techniques Offered by Our Kings Park Chiropractor in Kings Park, NY

It makes perfect sense to say "I need to find a chiropractor near me" -- but don't stop with that qualification. Ideally, you want to find a Kings Park chiropractor who is not only convenient to your location but who also provides a wealth of services and techniques. Our chiropractor in Kings Park NY, Dr. Sredniawski, takes a multi-modal approach that treats the whole body, not just the specific area where you feel symptoms. This strategy allows Kings Park Chiropractic to treat people at every stage of life for a wide range of conditions. Take a look at the services and techniques we can offer your family.

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Screenings and Evaluations

Just as regular dental or optometry checkups can help catch little problems before they can become big ones, periodic spinal evaluations and postural screenings can play an important role in preventative wellness. We can detect and correct small alignment/postural errors that might cause pain or other health challenges. This service is available for individuals and organizations alike.

Chiropractic Adjustment

Our Kings Park chiropractor can use manual adjustment techniques to bring misaligned joints or vertebrae back into proper balance. These corrections can help the joints move more easily and painlessly while also relieving nerve impingement and muscular strain. Chiropractic adjustment treats acute injuries without surgery, manage chronic pain conditions without medication, and keep your nervous system functioning normally.

Corrective Exercises

Some serious injuries and pain syndromes are caused or aggravated by faulty muscular patterns in the body, while in other cases, those conditions actually create the faulty muscular patterns as the body tries in vain to compensate. Corrective exercises can help break this cycle by re-educating the body. Our personalized therapeutic exercise programs can train your muscles to interact in a healthier way for a more flexible body and a straighter musculoskeletal alignment.

Lifestyle Recommendations

Your lifestyle choices have a big impact on your health and wellness. We can advise you on any changes you may need to make so you can enjoy a longer, healthier, more mobile and more comfortable life.

Schedule Natural Healing Services From Our Kings Park Chiropractor in Kings Park, NY Today!

Instead of settling on "a chiropractor near me," why not also make sure you're getting the natural healing services you truly need? Call our Kings Park Chiropractor in Kings Park, NY at (631) 663-5555!

Chiropractic is simply the action of finding and correcting an imbalance of the spinal column (subluxation) in order to restore the body's natural ability to heal itself.

As a doctor of chiropractic, I realize that I cannot heal anyone...I simply remove an interference to the healing process already within.  The innate inteligence you were born with is responsible for healing you!

The best service I can give you is to properly detect and correct your vertebral subluxations and lead you to understand why this is imperrative to living a healthy life.  That is why I focus on giving the best chiropractic adjustments possible without the distraction of doing therapies or selling supplements in my office. 

Most of our practice members get the BIG IDEA and choose to continue their chiropractic care for the rest of their life. Its these same people that have referred their family and friends to our office and continually manifest wellness in their life.


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